“All of us have the will to win, few have the will to prepare to win.”

Kabaddi is one of the popular games in India. It is also a sport in which India has done remarkably well at the international level. Even though the coaching is done through out the month, a special coaching and training program was thought to assist the participants to give even much better performance.

After the initial round full of excitement, it was time for the finals.The competition was done in two categories junior and senior.
In Junior category team B showed remarkable spirit to stay in the match against team A with 23/15.
Members of both the teams showed some exhilarating skills and temperament to make the finals more entertaining for the spectators.

In Senior category team B was winner with 33/9.
The match exhibited very high on skills and strategies. The enthusiasm and increased participation in a very traditional sports amongst the urban kids itself is a great achievement. Congratulations to coach sir and the students, players for making such an event a real success.

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