Admissions are strictly on the basis of merit. Use of influence for admission will be treated as disqualification.

Candidates are admitted provisionally. In case full fee are not paid within 7 days by any of the provisionally admitted candidates, the seat is forfeited and admission is offered to students on the waiting list.

Following documents must be submitted along with the application:

Copy of marks-list of previous class, progress-report up to the last term exam
Date of birth certificate issued by a competent authority
Character certificate
A sum of Rs.1000/- by cash/DD in favour of Samvid Gurukulam to be paid towards Registration and Entrance Exam fees
Copy of PAN card of parents
Copy of Aadhar card of student & parents/ guardian
Note: Incomplete forms without requisite attachments will be rejected.


The school offers merit scholarships to students for excellence in academics and co-curricular activities. Individual and collective prizes are given to inculcate a healthy spirit of competition FOR DISTINCTION IN academics, games, sports and other co-curricular activities.


Counseling centre is set up at the school premises to make assessment of personality, performance and aptitude of the students and to help them overcome the bottlenecks on the way to progress. Career Counselors understand the child psychology and are trained to address the issues of young minds in a friendly manner.


Admission is open for boys from Grade 5-7 as day boarders or residential students for the academic year 2018-19. Admission is open for all eligible candidates irrespective of caste, creed or religion.
For admission to grade V, the candidates must be of 9–11 years of age as on July 1 of that year and should have passed grade IV, preferably from an English medium school.
Prospectus including application form can be obtained from school counter by paying Rs.300/- in cash.
Out station candidates can obtain the prospectus by sending a Demand Draft of Rs.350/- in favor of Samvid Gurukulam payable at Nalagarh.
Candidates have to qualify in the entrance exam in English medium. Entrance exam subjects include: Language, Mathematics, Reasoning, Science and General Knowledge.
Application forms for seeking admission along with prescribed Test Fees & Registration Fees should be submitted to the school on or before the stipulated last date.
Application form for admission must be accompanied by Medical Fitness Certificate.
The selected candidates shall pay fees as per schedule on or before specified day failing which the seat shall be offered to the next candidates on the waiting list. Kindly note that the fee and deposits etc. are subject to revision from time to time and shall be binding on all students.
Nothing of the fees/Deposits shall be refunded in case the candidate does not join the school after securing admission.
Written test will be appropriate to the standard to which the admission is sought. Candidates qualifying the written test will have to undergo personal interview followed by physical & medical tests.
Personal interview shall be conducted to ascertain candidate’s Confidence level, General awareness, Sense of Accommodation and Sociability etc.
Students are permitted to join school only on full payment and other charges in advance as per rules of the school.
Note: School Leaving Certificate from the previous school should be obtained only after admission to this school has been confirmed after full payments of fees. Non-submission of school Leaving Certificate will render the admission invalid and fees paid shall be forfeited.

No student will be allowed to appear for the final examination unless all dues for the session have been paid in full. Accounts of expenditure of any fees shall not be provided.


All books of the respective grades and notebooks shall be provided by the school. NCERT text books will be used for all grades.

The school shall provide 2 pairs of regular school uniform, one pair of sports uniform each of summer and winter session.


In view of smooth conduct of Academic & other training routines, discipline & decorum of the school, safety & security of the students, the school authorities have framed certain rules and regulations. They are subject to change and we expect parents’ cooperation for implementation of the rules and regulations in their child’s interest.
Parents are not allowed to enter the residential quarters and mess (except on special occasions with due permission).
We suggest parents/guardians NOT TO leave cash, costly gadgets/toys like cameras, casio players, video games or walkman etc. with their wards. Any of these required by the students, must be deposited with the Incharge.
All the belongings of the students must be marked with indelible ink showing her/his Name and Class.
Reasonable precautions are taken during training activities to avoid injuries and accidents. However, the school authorities shall not be responsible for any accidents/injuries sustained by the students during stay in the school or any organized activity outside school. Parents/ guardians shall be responsible for medical expenses.
Leaving school campus without permission for any reason including “Homesickness”, and hearing any disturbing news from home, shall be treated as INDISCIPLINE and shall be viewed seriously. In such cases the school authorities will not be responsible for safety and security of the student once he leaves the campus.
The school authorities reserve the right to amend any of the rules in the prospectus and revise the fees and other charges without any notice and this shall be final and binding for all, i.e. existing and new students and parents & guardians alike.
Parents are advised to approach Chairman of the school committee for any dispute between them and the school authorities.
Note: Parents must inform school about their latest address, residential/office telephone number/cell number to enable school authorities to establish immediate contact in case of any emergency.
LEAVE-Students are granted 6 days (max) leave in a year on extremely compassionate grounds. Parents will be responsible to weigh the Importance of the occasion and apply for leave in advance. Authority to sanction such leave is vested only with the Principal whose decision on the matter would be final.
VISITORS-Except Out-pass days, NO Visitor is permitted inside the school premises.
From 10.00 a.m. on Saturday to 6.00 p.m. on Sunday, an out-pass is permitted only once in a month. out-pass is generally given on last day of the months.
VACCINATIONS-Please ensure that your ward is properly vaccinated before he is admitted to the residential section on the opening day of the session. Doctor’s certificate to that effect indicating the date of vaccination must be submitted to school. Without this the student will not be permitted in the school and the following vaccinations are obligatory: A) Anti-Hepatitis A+B B) Chicken Pox HOSTEL RULES & REGULATIONS D) Typhoid E) ATT
Please ensure that your daughter/ward is properly vaccinated before she is admitted to the residential section. Without this the student will not be permitted in the school and the following vaccinations are obligatory:
Anti Hepatitis A+B
Chicken pox


On own request
Withdrawal of students is not permitted before the completion of std. XII. In case parents still wish to withdraw their child for any reason. A written request must be submitted personally by registered post, at least one month in advance. However, FULL FEES for the current year will be payable. The security deposits and caution money will be forfeited. However, the withdrawal will be as per the Govt. Rules.

On Disciplinary Grounds
Since heavy stress is laid on discipline, School authorities reserve their right to expel/ask for withdrawal of a student in case:-
Student fails to maintain school discipline and/or his influence is considered damaging to other students.
Student fails in the same class for two successive years.
Student leaves the school premises without proper permission.
Student is caught for examination-malpractices.
Student is unable to adjust himself to the routine of the school.

On Medical Grounds
Student can be withdrawn from school in case he is found medically or physically unfit to undergo tough school routine. Student can also be withdrawn if they are suffering from a sickness that is likely to have harmful effect on other students. No deposits shall be refundable in such case.