Admission Open XI Commerce and Science 2023-24


Our Chairman

Sanjay bhayya

Shri Sanjay Gupta is the Secretary to Param Shakti Peeth. Inspired by the unique service of Didi Maa to the mankind, he left his prestigious Chartered Accountancy business and joined her as full time honorary Secretary to PSP since its inception. His contribution to the establishment, management, and expansion of programs under Param Shakti Peeth is remarkable. He is the direct disciple of Yugpurush Mahamandaleshwar Swami Parmananda Giri Ji Maharaj.

Message from Our Chairman

Let me extend a very hearty welcome to all the prospective parents who have shown an interest in Samvid Gurukulam Sr. Sec. School.
Most of the schools in India are still following the western pattern of daily routine, holiday plans, catering menus and cultural activities. We strongly feel that there is a need to reorient the school ideology towards Indian culture and traditions. With such goal in mind, we created Samvid Gurukulam, which is already bearing fruits.

At the Samvid Gurukulam Sr. Sec. School, we help the children understand life holistically and explore their talents. The global education with liberal curriculum also helps them rise above parochial mindsets and acquire a truly international outlook. In addition, children are encouraged to learn by doing things themselves and trying out new ideas—taking failure and success in their stride.

At the Samvid Gurukulam Sr. Sec. School we set example by providing committed teachers, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and top-notch facilities for extracurricular activities.

I aspire to make Samvid Gurukulam as the top institution of its kind in India, amply fulfilling the educational aspirations of the parents who bring their children to its portals.


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