Discus Throw competition

Discus throw competition was held in the school on the 25th of December.
There are many games under the umbrella of track and field events. Discus throw is one of those games played solo in competition with other players. Discus throw is also known as disc throw & can be traced backĀ to ancient Greece. During that time it was believed to be one of the easiest sports events.

This game is popular because it requires high precision and coordination. In this game, an athlete needs to hold the discus in his hand with proper placement of fingers. It demands high physical strength most importantly one’s balance upon one’s body since the weight of the discus, the grip on the discus and precise circular movement around oneself involved matters the most. The competition was done in two categories senior and junior.
Among junior category Cadet Shrestha, Cadet Shubhand Cadet Ambuj bagged first, second and third position respectively. In senior category Cadet Dhanveer got first Athrav second and Chandra Prakash got third position.

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