Basant Panchami at Samvid Gurukulam Nalagarh

“All around are beautiful sights , flowers, birds, sweets and kites. Basant Panchami truly delights! “ Basant Panchami is an occasion which marks the advent of spring season and is also celebrated to worship the goddess of knowledge and wisdom *Saraswati . This day was celebrated in school with great fervour and enthusiasm.Yellow colour representative of spiritual knowledge is given importance on this day. The cadets and teachers assembled to pray and attain blessings from goddess Saraswati to reach the epitome of knowledge. Respected Commandant sir explained that this festival stands for new energy, new life, brightness, joy and prosperity. He blessed the cadets. As new season has come, the whole environment gets different kind of bloom. So our life begets new fragrances of joy and prosperity. The celebration ended with distribution of Prasad and kite flying.

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